The social sports network

AXXS ("access") is a fast-growing sports network. It offers fans and interested people access to their sport and connects them with each other, with their heroes, their favourite sport and their club.

Why? So that everyone has the chance to experience sport, competition and the life lessons that comes with it. AXXS makes it possible to discover and experience sport actively or passively. We think it is important that talents can develop further. We ensure this with innovative products that focus on social engagement, networking and interaction.

Sport is a human right

We believe that everyone should be able to participate in sport without discrimination. Unfortunately, this is not yet self-evident. Yet it would be so important, because through sport we learn to give our best, to function in a team, to develop endurance. We suffer defeats - and learn to deal with them - and experience what success feels like. Important experiences that also benefit people in their daily lives.

The largest social sports network in the world

Our network connects all players in sport and gives them the opportunity to become a real hero. This includes sports fans, professional athletes and passionate amateurs as well as clubs, social organisations and companies. With our products and services, we want to create endless possibilities. For a whole new sports experience.

Attractive, high-quality products

To make sport accessible in its various forms, we offer an ever-growing range of products and services. The focus is on experiences that are shared with like-minded people and friends and therefore have a real impact.