AXXS - Fair Play Policy

When you play games on the AXXS platform, we know that it is important that they are fair to ensure the integrity of our games. We want every player on AXXS to feel safe when playing on our platform. In the event of a conflict between this policy and our Terms and Conditions, the provisions of our Terms and Conditions will prevail. Below are the fair play guidelines we operate under and the promise we make to you, the player:

Transparent Gaming Experience

AXXS operates a transparent gaming platform. We provide you with continuous information about our games, transactions and game data at all times. If you wish to access this information, you can do so through our website or app, or by contacting AXXS Customer Support at We strive to always answer questions about the operation of our platform openly and honestly. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more detailed information.

Robust security measures

The AXXS platform has been designed with a number of robust safeguards to protect both the AXXS platform and its players.

These include:

  • It is possible to keep track of time as your device's clock is displayed at all times while using the app. We recommend that all players keep track of how long they have been playing. This helps protect you as a player if you play too much or simply want to keep track of your average play time. Our app will never obscure the clock.

  • Deposit limits: We have set a maximum spending limit of EUR 1000 per month. This is our default limit. However, you can request a lowering of this limit by sending us an email to

Various external platform tests and audits

AXXS stands on a foundation of integrity, which means we openly subscribe to a number of external platform testing and auditing services. These services are independent of AXXS and constantly audit the AXXS platform to ensure we are operating safely and honestly.

Anti-money laundering protection

Companies like AXXS face similar challenges to banks when it comes to money laundering. As we facilitate money transactions on our platform every day, it is important that we are always vigilant against money laundering activities.

For this reason, AXXS has invested heavily in a range of anti-money laundering (AML) safeguards. These include both automated technological controls and manual external review processes through our KYC (Know Your Customer) and fraud management processes to ensure that our platform is never used for money laundering.

Youth protection

Participation in AXXS by anyone under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited on the platform. We monitor our players through a number of verification processes and are always quick to remove or reject players under 18 from our platform.