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Are you a real football connoisseur? The most exciting football manager game in years is coming to Germany. Now you can show your friends and the whole world what a football expert you are. And get the chance to win cash with your knowledge.

How? It's easy: pick your favourite team of football players and compete against your friends and other football experts. Buy new top players and sell the flops - in real-time. Football will never be the same again. This is your chance. This is your moment.

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Your knowledge. Your chance. Your moment.

  • Line up your favourite players as a team
  • Use available analyses and make the right decisions
  • Follow the ratings from each individual player in real-time
  • Play against your friends and earn their respect!
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The attraction of the game for me is that all participants can compete with professional football coaches.

Our experts

Ronald de Boer

Football analyst

Humberto Tan


Louis Van Gaal


Koen Schobbers

Global ESports Federation

Frequently asked questions

  • With millions of loyal fans at home and abroad, FC Bayern M√ľnchen is the biggest football club in Germany and the club with the most members in the world. Due to the Mia San Mia feeling, more and more football enthusiasts sympathise with the traditional club, which maintains a very personal and close relationship with its fans like no other club. In order to further increase the connection and the experience with you as a fan, AXXS - The Social Sports Game offers you the opportunity to experience FC Bayern football matches in a completely new and extraordinary way. Together we want to move more, so we are very proud to have such a strong, global and successful partner at our side.

  • Football is more than a sport. It stirs emotions, feelings that you share with your friends and football fans all over the world. With AXXS - The Social Sports Game you can now put your football knowledge into practice. Play with and against football coaches, football experts and analysts and show that you have what it takes to make better decisions than your opponents. When the game starts, each football player has a specific SPX value. In AXXS - The Social Sports Game, this SPX value changes during real football matches depending on the individual performance of the players on the pitch. A misplaced pass, a wrong tackle, a missed chance? Everything has an impact and within seconds this event on the pitch is translated into a new player rating. Are you able to trade the right players at the right moment during matches?

  • It will be a whole new football experience for you! The better the players in your portfolio play on the pitch, the better it is for you. No matter which club they play for. Show everyone that you are more football savvy! Analyse, read the game and win in the end. This is your moment! You can choose: play just one match, one matchday, one matchday weekend or even a whole Bundesliga season. What will you choose? Which tactic will lead you to victory?