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© Copyright 2022 AXXS, all rights reserved. AXXS is for a limited period, a free-to-play sports prediction game operated by AXXS Gaming UK Limited

Fair Play Policy

When you play games on the AXXS platform, we know it’s important that they are run fairly in order to ensure the integrity of our games. We want every player on AXXS to feel secure in participating on our platform.

In the event of any conflict between this policy and the AXXS General Terms and Conditions the provisions of our Terms and Conditions will prevail.

Below are the Fair Play guidelines we operate under, and the promise we make to you, the player:

Transparent Gaming Experience

AXXS operates a transparent gaming platform and experience. We provide you with continuous information about our games, transactions and game data at any time.

If you would like to access this information, you can find it by accessing our website or app, or by reaching out to the AXXS customer support department at

We are committed to always providing an upfront, and honest response to questions about how our platform works. Never hesitate to communicate with us if you would like to access more detailed information.

Diverse External Platform Testing and Auditing

AXXS sits on a foundation of integrity, meaning we openly subscribe to a range of external platform testing and auditing services. These services are independent from AXXS, and they constantly review the AXXS platform to make sure we are operating in a safe and honest manner.

These findings are reported to a range of regulatory bodies, ensuring that we are always held to the highest standard of service, safety, and integrity, for our platform.